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Main Line Custom Homes

The Main Line, known for its historical estates, prestigious communities, and lush landscapes, presents a unique opportunity for those wishing to build a custom home that harmonizes with this area's rich heritage while incorporating modern luxuries. Treacy Brothers specialize in creating luxury custom homes that respect the Main Line's architectural tradition, enhanced by contemporary comfort and personalized to suit every aspect of your modern lifestyle. With Treacy Brothers, your Main Line residence will be a testament to timeless elegance and cutting-edge design.

Why the Main Line is the Premier Choice for Your Custom Home


"Our dream of living in a custom home that reflects both the historical elegance and the modern luxuries we desired came true thanks to Treacy Brothers. Building in the Main Line area, we wanted a home that paid homage to the region's rich architectural heritage while providing for our contemporary needs. Treacy Brothers delivered on every front, proving to be not just builders but true artisans. Our home is a perfect blend of the past and the present, situated in a community that we love. We are grateful to Treacy Brothers for their dedication, craftsmanship, and for making the process so rewarding." - The Johnson Family

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